Tearing Up The Flooring

Replacing RV Flooring 2

We just started tearing up the flooring in our RV! It’s been a vision of ours to have hardwood or laminate floor in any living space we had. Luckily we can do that on a low budget because the square footage of the RV is so minimal (around 150 square feet).

Replacing RV Flooring 1


This is our first time ripping up any type of flooring and so far it’s been a little tricky. There is a bit more water damage than we originally anticipated but it looks like it won’t be too difficult.

The spots where water damage has hit include the bathroom, kitchen sink and water heater.

In order to fix this, we’ll need to tear up the original base flooring (which we haven’t started yet) and replace it. There is one issue we are currently working on though and that’s getting the flooring up around the edges/trim. The reason for this, we found, is because the flooring was placed prior to the actual kitchen, bathroom and walls were put in.

RV Edge Flooring

According to the group, Full-Time RVers on Facebook, they said it’s a good idea that we go ahead and use a razor blade to get the excess and then eventually place our own trim over the edges to smooth everything over.

Aside from the flooring and water damage, we’ll need to begin figuring out the propane tanks, stove (that we don’t have) and fixing the water heater. These should all be pretty minor fixes and we’re really excited to get them underway as soon as possible!


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  1. It’s like a simple pimp out my ride RV version! I always love the research part and asking around to know the best way of handling stuff. Like a personal challenge to make the most out of what you have yet still aiming to make it better than it used to be. It’s always a great feeling when you see the result of your hard work! P.S. Curious as to why both of you particularly chose the RV life?

    1. Hey Cheska. We’re going to be shooting a video about this soon. We chose the RV life because I jokingly said that I was going to travel the country in an RV before I met Joelle.. when she heard that she got excited and said, “Okay, let’s do it!” and we did. There’s more detail to fill out there but really that’s how it all started.

      1. We can continue on cue on that with “and the rest is history”. Well, you definitely could say you found your match! You two seem great together. It always is an amazing feeling knowing you can share the journey of life with someone who complements your personality. Best wishes for you and your family! And yes, looking forward to the video 🙂

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