Preparing Our Budget for Full-Timing & Launching Open Road Chronicles


Living in an RV requires a lot of planning, especially if you want to be able to enjoy all of the activities surrounding you. In this post Justin explains how he’s putting together a budget so that we can live a stress-free life.

BudgetingOver the last few months, I’ve been preparing our budget for the journey ahead of us. Thankfully, it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Here’s a look at our larger expenses so far. I’ve excluded diesel, propane, food and things we’ve already owned like the motorcycle.

  • Truck – $17,500 (loan)
  • Insurance – $130 (per month)
  • Travel Trailer – $5,500 (paid in cash)
  • Renovations – $600
  • Parking – $350

Setting money aside for the future.

That’s a total of $6,450 out of pocket and $17,500 owed on the truck (with $329 loan payments and $130/mo insurance payments). I set aside money until August for truck payments, insurance and diesel. Now I’m working on getting money for food and resort fees. My hopes are to pull together everything needed for the next 3-5 months within the next 4 weeks. I know that sounds fast, but I’ve done it before thanks to being a website developer and I know I can do it again. Once this is figured out we can focus on our journey and careers.

Florida, here we come!

Tampa, FLJoelle and I have come to the conclusion that our first stop will be somewhere in Florida, as of right now we’re thinking Tampa. It’s important to us that we find a place where businesses are growing and events are booming. This way I can attend local business meetings and Joelle can find meetups for makeup artists/photographers.

Once we find the right location, we’re going to stay there for about 3 months. Our end goal will be to challenge ourselves to get all of our work scheduled within those 3 months, that way when we move onto the next city we’ll be ready to focus our attention there.

The finishing touches.

Before we do any of this however, we need to finish up the interior of the RV. We’ve got about a month now to meet our goal (originally it was March 15th, but we’ve changed that to the beginning of April) to leave Virginia and head South!

We have run into a few delays though… one being the weather.

It’s way too cold outside to test the water systems and we need to get the water heater working, which again relies on the weather being warm enough. Since this is our first experience, we want to do it right and don’t want to risk anything. After that we’ll need to finish up the trim for the flooring and then figure out how to attach the furniture to the floor for once we start traveling.

Our new social media & we’re gaining lots of followers, fast!

While doing all of this, I’ve also been working on setting up the website, Instagram, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Pinterest account so that we can document everything.

To both of our amazement, we’ve gained over 300 fans in the last few days, 100 followers on Instagram and our website has had over 4,000 visits this week from people all around the world!

Traffic Statistics

It’s great to see that people are actually interested in what we have to say (especially Joelle’s posts) and are sharing our story with their friends and families.

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  1. Good luck to you guys. You deserve to be successful Justin. Once you get far enough south, the weather should break. I think there should also be a break in the weather in Virginia also. One piece of advice, set aside an emergency fund also. You may have already done this, but roadside breakdowns/repairs can really throw a wrench into things. On the side of optimism, make your own destiny. People are living vicariously through you. Take care!

    1. Thank you @disqus_eBX0oN9IBN:disqus! We’ve already had so many people come up to us and wish us good luck it’s astounding. It’s cool to see that people are living through our dream and hopefully it also helps them make life choices. Your feedback is great and we’re getting more and more excited! Today is Joelle’s last day at work and then we’re really full-timing 😉

      1. I am interested in know just how much you need to have to start FULL TIME RV’ing…Traveling throughout the US….How did you do your budget?

        1. To be honest you don’t need to much to be comfortable. Think of it this way, if you’re paying rent, you’re already throwing money away. The things you need to consider are… truck/rv payments (unless you pay cash which I’d suggest), resort/park fees (which tend to be under $500/mo) and your basic needs. I’d suggest setting up an emergency fund for breakdowns and unexpected fixes/situations as well. Outside of that you’re set.

  2. Look how far you’ve come guys! And using your platform as an opportunity for others to share their stories as well. You’re about 3 years in and there are so many great places you still have to visit. What is your secret on rocking the RV life? I’m pretty sure one has to have a great partner to make it work all throughout. Bless you both and your little family! 🙂

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