Installed New Floor & Prepping for Laminate!

To give you a quick recap of what we were able to achieve over the last couple of days, I’m posting up this short blog post. You’ll get an idea of what kind of wood we used, how we prepped the floors and how the floor that used to be a water damaged area was fixed.

In the last week we were able to get measurements, cut our 3/4 inch red oak and lay it out inside of the RV. This is a huge step as now we only have another small sheet of red oak to cut and place down and we can begin finishing up the edges and then placing down our new laminate!

We bought a nice gray/brown laminate that we’ll be covering the bathroom, kitchen and living area in. It’s extremely thin and fits perfectly under the slide without scratching it up, which is AWESOMESAUCE!

Floring in RV

Once we get the laminate down, we’ll begin putting 1/4 round around the edges and a nice trim.

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  1. Justin, just out of curiosity how are you so great at DIY? Have you always enjoyed tinkering with stuff and just fixing stuff? I know a lot of people who’d spend and let someone else do it. But I would total go with your way and just doing it yourself as you can save a lot on cash and have fun at the same time. Ha ha!

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