FAQ (frequently asked questions) For Full timers, Breaking the Ice!

Even with the short amount of time Justin and I have been full timing, we have had roughly the same kind of questions from people who aren’t living in an RV.

So we thought we should just make a post for those people who are interested in knowing, and for the Full Timers who understand our struggle of the same frequently asked questions.

(Keep in mind these are just our opinions and from our own experiences. I am sure there are many more questions and ideas, but these are what we are personally asked.)

1) Why did we decide to live in an RV?

With Justin’s job he had always wanted to travel and work, he just needed someone to take that leap with him. I was working as a Barista and didn’t feel like I was doing anything with my life. So we took the leap to travel and buy and RV.

Travel why

2) What do you do for a living?

Justin is a web developer who focuses on marketing local businesses in the cities we travel to. Which makes it easier to meet people in the new areas. I myself am learning videography and focusing on our blog.

3) What are the cost of living in an RV?

This question can vary depending on what state you are in and who you are actually asking, everyone’s lifestyle is different. We try to find places to stay where the rent is no more than $800. Personally that is what our budget is but, we have seen really nice places where the minimum is 1000 or more. We happily down sized our bills once we moved to an RV our other bills for monthly costs are around $400-$500.

4) What RV do you have?

We have a 2005 Coachman Chaparral. We were able to buy it for $5,500, but it needed some work hence the amount it cost. With some time to fix it and some loving it is now our cozy home sweet home on wheels!

Rv interior Our rvTruck

5) How do you get internet?

Where we are now they offer internet but its not the best when many people are using it as well. Honestly most of the time Justin and I go to a local coffee shop or a place to sit and use internet. Its great for many reasons, it get you out of the house, you can get to know your surroundings, and I get to spend time working with Justin.

That brings us to the next question!

6) What do you do when you are in a new place?

Our first experience in a new place was quiet at first. We didn’t explore right away and regretted it. But we sometimes like to go on the motorcycle and just get lost in the city to find places people forget to mention. Where we are no is Four Oaks NC and its very fun here, between the people and the relaxed city life. Justin and I have found a farmers market from exploring and some fun creeks and swimming holes! We do work a majority of the time but since we are in an RV resort it doesn’t take long to unwind.

7) Is it easy to meet people? Or What about your friends and family back home?

My family is in CA so I am far from them for now even with the traveling, so for me this isn’t much of a leap. Besides Justin is also my family. Justin’s family is all in VA so this has been different for him because his whole life has been in Virginia. Making friends has been easy since we both love to talk to people and being in an Rv resort we meet new people every day. So yes its very easy to meet new friends even if its for a short time!

Last but not least!!

8) Where do you plan on traveling?

We have changed our minds so many times that at this point it where ever we want to go. We planned on our next stop being Nashville TN, but we keep finding places that we could also go. So for now we are not making a for sure destination when we leave a place. Besides, isn’t it more fun that way?
Where travel

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  1. Okay I wish I saw this post sooner, haha! I think I’ve made a couple of questions on other posts related to the stuff you answered here already. I have huge concerns on internet, interesting how you guys make use of coffee shops and all that, which makes the opportunity to meeting new people more open and on the table — this is dated post though so I’m guessing you guys have probably invested in a mobile wifi or something? Haha!

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