This Wilde Life: Living On The Edge Of Happiness

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

We opted for living life on the road because we were fed up with what has been labeled “normal life”. A good job, a house in the burbs and a garage full of crap has been sold to people as the path to happiness. That ideal didn’t fit our family. We are primal and march to the beat of our own drum.

We set out on the road this time to live free, being debt free and being in a rig that we could pay for in cash was a top priority. This 1994 Fleetwood Bounder class A fit our needs and our budget.

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

Now that we’re out of the rat-race and on our own journey, we hunt down our own dreams. Exploring, creating, loving and fighting our way through life is how we live every day. The road is where we do it.

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

Pursuing The Wilde Life

Before life on the road, we climbed corporate ladders and accepted jobs while living as creatives in secret. We worked to fulfill the dreams of others in sales jobs, corporate administration, business coaching and construction management. We were good at helping make other people rich and successful at the cost of our happiness.

Now we grab at opportunities that leverage our creative gifts. We pursue photography and videography. We manage our own natural medicine sales organization. We write manuscripts and blog. We make our life into an existence we are proud of.

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

Finding What Truly Matters

Living a primal lifestyle means that we live within our means. We tried living an impressive life and it ended up costing us lots of money followed by our sanity. Now, we live on where our intuition and budget meet. If we don’t have the funds to try the best regional restaurant or the largest amusement park, we just pass it by. Maybe some other time! Delaying and denying gratification is something the modern world doesn’t like but the Wildes have learned to thrive on it. Somehow, life feels more genuine that way!

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

Whats Next For This Wilde Family

We think of ourselves as lions. Some lions live in cages, fed by zookeepers with every need met. A predictable and comfortable life. We don’t do cages; we never will. Roaming and hunting for adventure is our jam. We might take life onto the open sea on a sailboat. A whim could catch us and lead us to live life out of a backpack in Europe. The next phase is hard to forecast. We’ve been thinking about mountain biking across Utah, Colorado, and Arizona for six months. Sounds fun, right?

Wild lions are unpredictable. But seeing them in the wild is one hell of a show!

This Wilde Life- Living On The Edge Of Happiness

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