The Mobile Hobos: Living The Life We Dreamed Of

The Mobile Hobos- Living The Life We Dreamed Of

We were tired of the same routine of our previous lifestyle. We weren’t going anywhere and getting anywhere as we only lived for the weekends. We did not want to just live towards retirement. One day we watched a documentary about a man who built a tiny house, and that documentary opened our eyes. We soon found out that people were living in RVs full time. This way of living gave us hope. We soon got rid of a ton of our possessions, bought a rig, left our jobs, said goodbye to family and took off.

Before the RV Life

Joe worked in the food industry as a truck driver and Kari worked in the retail industry. While we work to get a couple of businesses up and going, we are currently working at various temp jobs that we find everywhere online as we travel. We have done work camping at a campground and at farms as well. We have had awesome experiences with work camping!

Life has So Much to Offer

There are way too many to list! We would say being able to wake up and have so many options open. If you want to go to a beach, you can go to the beach. If you want to be in the mountains, you can be in the mountains. If you want to be in the snow, you can be in the snow. It’s waking up and having the freedom to choose your next adventure.

Traveling with Our Dog

Before we hit the road, we thought it would be hard to travel with a dog. For the first year of our travels, we did not have a dog. One day we decided just to get one, and it was a little scary at first. But now that we have a dog, we can’t imagine not having our Nala Baby with us. She makes our travels so much more fun! She makes us laugh every day, and she also makes us way more social and adventurous! For those that are on the edge of having a travel dog, we recommend it!

The Mobile Hobos- Living The Life We Dreamed Of

Resources We Use for Boondocking

We aim towards free camping and boondocking. We use an app called “rvparky” to find free camping. We also use to get a ton more awesome free camping spots! With a yearly subscription, we also use when free campgrounds or boondocking spots aren’t easily available. With, you meet like-minded people who may have a ton of travel stories to tell!

RV Solar Panels

During your renovation process, we highly recommend investing in having a solar setup! It will come in handy, and there’s less of a need to run a noisy generator. Our solar setup was affordable and easy to install. The solar concept was a little hard to understand at first, but it easily clicked once we were in the installation process.4 Star Ratings

Jobs for Full-Timers are everywhere! You can choose how you want to make money whether you want to work camp or start your own means of income. A tip on finding a good work camping job is to see if you can find online reviews of the campground you are looking into to work for. To us, a good campground with good ownership should have good reviews online as it shows that they care about their customers which may also indicate that they also care for their employees. The last thing you want is to work for a 2-star campground, just for you to arrive and not like it. We look for 4 stars and up!

We Plan to Keep Going

We have to many adventures to list, but we are thinking about traveling up to Alaska and also Central/South America someday. We are not sure how long we plan to full time for. One thing is for sure, we do not plan to go back to our old way of living of working the 9-5 for a company, living for the weekend and retirement.

The Mobile Hobos- Living The Life We Dreamed Of

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