Creating Our Own Path: Rich and Kris

Creating Our Own Path Rich And Kris

Since we’ve been together, Rich and I (Kris) have always made it a point to go travel somewhere when we had time from work. But it was always the same when we had to come back home: we didn’t want to! We wanted to continue traveling and experience something new. So that’s exactly what we did. Everything was sold/donated and we stuffed the rest in the RV and left. We haven’t looked back since and it’s been a dream.

Our Rig

When it came time to buy our RV we went with a Class A diesel pusher. We chose this particular set up because we liked the idea of having a bathroom available while we drive because I (Kris) have a bladder the size of a pea (no pun intended). There’s a ton of other reasons too why we chose this setup, but the main reasons are performance and convenience for us and our family.

Creating Our Own Path Rich And Kris

How We Are Able To Full-Time

Before traveling, Rich was an EMS pilot and I was a cosmetologist. We are fortunate enough to not have to work because Rich retired from the Army after 23 years. But we do volunteer work in exchange for full hookups to help keep the cost down while still exploring new places. Plus, it’s nice to be able to give back!

Something Memorable For Both Of Us

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific experience on the road that has been our favorite. But the first thought that came to both our minds was the Black Hills and the Badlands. There’s magic in the mountains and canyons. Not to mention how cool is it to drive through big holes in boulders!

An Amazing Surprise

Six weeks into our full-time RV life, we found out I was knocked up! At the time, we were told we only had a 10% chance of getting pregnant with the help of IVF. This is because Rich had cancer and the particular chemo he received made it almost an impossibility to have a baby. So you can imagine our shock and thrill when I came out of the bathroom crying with joy waving a positive pregnancy test in Rich’s face. We now have a healthy seven-month-old little girl who makes traveling a whole lot more interesting.

Creating Our Own Path Rich And Kris

Enjoying The Journey

We travel on a fixed income so we are always making sure we are never spending more money than what’s coming in. That means traveling slow and intentionally. What we mean by that is we only travel a few times a month because we want to be able to see everything a new location has to offer and live like a local. Plus, this keeps the cost of fuel down each month and we don’t go over our budget. Not to mention, traveling too much too often burns out a lot of new RVers. It did for us so we made the decision to take things slow. Which has made each spot a more enjoyable experience for us. Our biggest adjustment to RVing is learning to be fluid in travel plans. Circumstances will get in the way, you just have to be flexible and have the right attitude to still enjoy the journey.

Creating Our Own Path Rich And Kris

An Adventurous Future Ahead

We have no idea how long we want to RV full time. But we do know when the day comes to stop RVing, we want to travel overseas! We haven’t worked out all the details when it comes to our daughter and school but we’ll figure it out. What better way to learn about the world than seeing it!

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