Almost There!

We’re finally starting to make a lot of quick and swift progress! In this post Justin goes over the renovations and how it’s coming along. This is our first experience ever doing something like this and it’s exciting to know that soon we’ll be on the road!

Thanks to Will and Ethan I’ve been able to push forward on some of the renovations a lot faster than I would have alone. In the last 2 days I was able to remove the dinette (Joelle has an idea for a cool new foldable table), remove the toilet and get the measurements for fixing an old water damaged area.

First the dinette.

Original RV Dinette

Ethan came over 2 days ago and helped remove it completely. It was a bit more of a challenge then we thought because a lot of the screws were stripped and it was hard to find out how the dinette was attached to the wall (we thought it was glued at first).


Luckily with a bit of time and savvy wit, we were able to get the dinette completely removed!

RV Dinette Replacement

Then the measurements and toilet removal.

Even though he wasn’t back to full recovery since his recent surgery, Will was able to help me with direction on how to get the measurements for placing a 3/4 inch 4×8 red oak layer over a damaged area.

The 4×8’s slid right into the back of the truck with ease.

Truck with Wood

They fit DIRECTLY into the place we wanted them to cover. We’ll only need to cut a few pieces here and there, but ultimately it’s going to be a much easier process then we originally anticipated!


Measurements 2

Then came the toilet..

Oh joy, at first it wasn’t that bad but phew, it was gross. The original owners had never cleaned out the waste. It smelled like a garbage disposal after sitting for years.

I covered it up and I’m working on getting a few new parts to get it back to original working order.

Next we’ll be getting out all of the trim, setting down the glue and then placing the 4×8’s into the RV!

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